Jack Canfield Asks John Bates Why He Is So Passionate About His Work

In response to Jack’s question, in this short video I share a two-minute version of my “origin story.” I hope you enjoy it, but what I really hope is that my short story resonates with you and has you thinking, “Ah, yes, I can see that. Good thing John got over himself…”

This is a slightly embarrassing admission about who I was, and who I became once I realized service is joy. It’s one of several “origin stories” I tell and why I care so much about what I do.

Have you identified and crafted your origin stories, yet? When they are authentic, vulnerable and personal you’ll open the door to meaningful dialog, persuasive storytelling and successful communication.

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We want to hear your stories, and so does the world.

How John Bates blew his TED TalkBy JOHN BATES / ABOUT AUTHOR