• Booking John Bates

    for keynote speaking

  • Booking John Bates

    for keynote speaking

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John Bates has been speaking and training speakers for over 20 years. He is an excellent choice if you would like to create an atmosphere of connection, authenticity, and Insightful Vulnearability™ at your next event.

Drawing from a deep well of experience as an entrepreneur who has raised and lost 100’s of Millions of dollars in Venture Capital, gone from 4 founders to over 500 employees in very little time, surfed all over the world, and worked with global C-level executives, NASA astronauts, Navy Special Operations Groups, and forward-thinking global leaders John has stories that bypass culture and gender to connect on the human level.

His willingness to share his spectacular failures and what they taught him, to identify the processes that led to his successes, and to make your audience the hero of his talk is the reason he gets invited back again and again.

John is the opposite of a prima donna speaker. He knows that the only difference he makes is a function of the generosity of the listening your audience provides him. He understands how much you care about the people you are entrusting to him and his number one mission is to make you glad you trusted him with your stage and your audience.

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  • Communicating with Human Beings is not Logical! It’s Biological!
  • Authentic Virtual Leader
  • Powerful Women Leaders
  • The Art, Magic, and Science of the Perfect Pitch: Pitchcraft
  • Excited About Your Story – Tell it Like a TED Pro
  • The Earthshaking Power of Insightful Vulnerability™
  • What’s More Important Than Credibility? Emotional Credibility™
  • Beating Yourself Up, Auto-immune Diseases, Working Too Hard, and How to Save Yourself
  • There Will Come a Time You Think Everything is Finished… That is the Beginning!


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